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What We Do

Focusing on turnkey solutions, our network of innovative and experienced professionals are able to take any project from the planning and permitting stage through to construction and deliveryof a fully-commissioned, grid-connected plant. On-staff experts in all engineering disciplines are able to meet the civil, mechanical and electrical design and construction requirements of any project. Throughout the construction phase, engineers, project managers, and construction crews work seamlessly to achieve a plant which meets operational, financial, and timeframe specifications of the client.

Where We Operate

With four offices throughout Europe and a network of approved subcontract service providers around the globe, we are well positioned to provide our services both throughout Europe and to the emerging markets in Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Our multi-lingual crew speaks English, German, Spanish, Bulgarian, Russian, Polish, Dutch, Libyan, Hindi, Gujarati, and Swahili. We are able to mobilise key personnel as required to support overseas projects.

Who Our Clients Are

We provide turnkey energy solutions to a wide range of clients, including solar park developers, large-scale EPC contractors, investors and other associates.

Excellent Product and Service at an Unbeatable Price

At Viking Renewable, we build our business by keeping profit margins low and providing excellent product and service at an unbeatable price. By merging many of the services traditionally supplied by separate companies, we have cut project costs, improved project timescales and quality, and developed more effective communication channels. We are able to provide some of the most cost-effective solutions on the market through:
  • Manufacturing of our own PV mounting structures
  • Local construction crews
  • Optimised buying power
  • Reduction in cash equity under our Joint Venture Programme

Pioneers in PV Technology

Drawing on the experience and expertise of an innovative engineering team, Viking Renewable has pioneered ground-breaking technology in the areas of PV panel mounting and cooling, zero carbon solar-powered housing, and revolving roof- top systems.

Part of a Global Network of Solar Energy Specialists

Viking Renewable is part of a global network of solar specialist companies:
  • Viking Renewable UK provides turnkey solar park development and EPC services. We also have offices in Spain, Denmark, Germany and Bulgaria
  • Sun Credit Development, Ltd. is a UK company specialising in project financing. Strong relationships with established AAA banks ensure a good credit line for major projects, whilst Sun Credit´s unique Solar Bond financing model has pioneered smaller scale financing.


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