Solar Water Heater

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Solar Water Heater – low energy cost, very long life span.

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NEXOL has developed an innovative way of solar water heating.

NEXOL’s boiler uses semiconductor technology, which not only harvest the electrical energy from solar cells, in addition to that it also harvests energy from the environment.

The NEXOL-Boiler produces clean green energy without any CO2 emission with low energy cost.

Thanks to the solid state semiconductors, NEXOL’s product has a very long lifespan and doesn’t need any more than a cable straight to the solar generator (and a water supply), which leads to an easy installation and low installation costs.



Mechanical and Thermal Characteristic
Height 900 mm
Diameter 470 mm
Empty Weight 24 kg
Water Capacity 40 L
Layer of Insulation 85 mm
Thermal Losses 0.515 W/K
Material Tank Stainless steel
Electrical Characteristic
Rated Voltage 14 VDC
Rated Current 13 A
Rated Power Consumption 80 W / Max. 250 W
Solar Module 200 Wp
MPP Tracking Yes
LCD Display Yes
Additional grid plug Yes
Performance Characteristic
Operating Temperature Range 0 – 65 °C
Effective Temperature Range 15 – 45 °C
Mean Heating Time 10 h
Coefficient of Performance COP 1.8 grid operation / 2.0 PV operation
Max. Pressure 8 bar
Acoustic Noise 34 dB


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